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Desert Activities

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UTV Tours

Enjoy our new exclusive route that explores Los Cabos’ beaches, desert landscapes, sand dunes, mountains, and gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean. You’ll have the chance to navigate your UTV through river bed, mountains and desert. Explores Los Cabos’ beaches, sand dunes, and gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean on horseback riding. You’ll travel through […]

Camel Quest

Camels are some of the friendliest and most loving animals that you will ever meet. When you are with them, you will lose track of time and be entranced by their gentle nature. Camel Cruising takes you on a journey through the El Tule Oasis, located at the end of a canyon, it is teaming […]

Animals Tours

Spectacular scenery, expert guides in the region, delicious food and an exciting camel ride on Rancho San Cristobal beach make this adventure the most exclusive of the entire region. During the winter months, pay attention because you can see humpback whales.
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