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Shhh, Some Secret Cabo Spots; Not Touristy at All

If you are the type of person who likes to travel because you want to know more about a new culture and maybe hear or practice some of the native language, but you don’t want to be surrounded by tourists eating what you can get at home — let’s let you in on some secrets. Welcome to Cabo. Yes, Welcome to Cabo! We all know Los Cabos is the second most popular destination in Mexico after Cancún, and it has high-quality tourist services and infrastructure, as well as many touristy places. But Los Cabos also has a variety of options for those who are more adventurous and want to be in contact with local people.

Los Cabos is a plural word that means “Capes.” This is because it’s formed by two capes, nowadays two cities: San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. We encourage you to visit San José del Cabo where we are sure you will find all that you are looking for.
It doesn’t matter if you are staying in a resort, a hotel, or in an Airbnb location, here are some of our favorite local secrets.


Tacos Rossy
This Fish and Sea Food Taquería has a wonderful family story, when the actual Transpeninsular highway was a dirt road. They used to have a food-truck more like a wheel barrow selling tacos on the street. After many years of hard family team work, now it’s a nice and comfortable restaurant with A/C where you can enjoy delicious and fresh fish and seafood tacos and dishes. Be ready to stand up and finish to prepare your tacos in a bar of colorful salsas while you interact with other people and try all kind of authentic Mexican flavors. And don’t forget to order a Pacífico for your meals; they know what you want — it will be a cold one!

El Ahorcado
That means The Hangman; all you have to do is look for a hangman on Pescador Street and you will find it right away. This is a third-generation taquería from a family of musicians and surfers. While the grandfather plays traditional music on the piano, all the grandsons and their friends are waiters and waitress serving you exquisite tacos of different guisados (Mexican stews) or classic tacos of carne asada (beef) with or without cheese. If you are vegetarian they also have many options made from fresh vegetables.
Be careful with all the salsas on the table; they look so delicious but almost all of them are made with habanero chili, so try a little bit before you regret to put so much on your taco that you’re not even able to ask for a glass of water.


Plaza Mijares
The Square Mijares is located in front of the catholic mission in San José del Cabo. It’s a place where many local events happen, the most popular are on Thursday with the traditional Art Walk, and on Sundays with cultural activities for the families who come out from mass and spend some time together. Without any doubt, this place of reunion makes you live a villager atmosphere full of surprises. From having just an ice cream or looking at all the traditional vendors of corn on the cob Mexican style, balloons, and toys for the kids of all ages, this is a unique experience. With so many galleries close by, you’ll want to stop in and be delighted with the talent of many local artists and others from all around the world who decided to call Los Cabos their home.

Beaches at East Cape
We know that the main reason for people to come to #cabo is because of the beautiful beaches. With the dark blue and turquoise colors of the ocean and the white sand and the cactus, it’s almost like being inside of a postcard. You can find a beach spot like that and have it all to yourself, or you share it with some local fishermen or surfers. You really should go to the East Cape and spend some time on the beaches, such as La Fortuna, Shipwrecks, or 9 Palms. With just a few houses in the area you will enjoy almost empty beaches making you feel as if you really ARE in Paradise. Make sure you drive the right car to get there because of the dirt roads; don’t worry, here at Koral Concierge, we will help you find it.

As you can see, there are plenty options for you to enjoy Cabo in a different way. For more information about these and other secret places, just contact us +52 6241040127 info@koralconcierge.com