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+52 (624) 104-0127 info@koralconcierge.com

Activities To Do With Your Children While in Los Cabos

Don’t know what to do during your vacations in Los Cabos … because you now have children or this is your first time that they are coming with you? If you think there is nothing else to do other than staying at hotel pool or building a sand castle at the beach, it’s time to think again.

From our large Koral Concierge catalogue, we offer activities that you can do with your whole family, even the younger ones from 0 to 5 years old. Not only will they be entertained, you might learn something new with them and together have the time of your life.

With our experience after receiving the feedback from many families who already #livetheexperience with us, we list for you the top 4 Kid-Friendly in Los Cabos activities.

Animal Kingdom
There is Baja’s animal sanctuary in the Wild Canyon Desert Park where you and your kids will learn about the life of some of the strangest and dangerous animals like the crocodile. We are sure that at the end you will be in love with all the animals, especially with the “Guacamayas,” the colorful birds from Mexico who love to be feed their way, mouth to mouth. This activity is suitable for all ages, and it has a duration of 3:30 with transportation.

Pirate Ship
For many kids this is like a dream coming true. Once you board the Cabo Legend or The Bucanneer Queen, Sunset Cruises will make you feel just like you’re in the movie Pirates of The Caribbean. In addition to the incredible show (a pirate fight) that your kids will love, you are going to enjoy a delicious BBQ buffet and open bar while you take in the beautiful sunset by the arch. This tour is suitable for all ages, and it has a duration of 2 hours without including the transportation to the boat.

This two-deck boat provides one of the most educational experiences about the marine fauna of the Sea of Cortes. If you think it will be claustrophobic for your kids, it won’t. You can enjoy the views from the surface or take the stairs down to the lower level where you will find clear windows and comfortable seats for watching the fish show. You can also learn how to identify the different species of fish with the help of a guide. This tour is suitable for all ages, and it has a duration of 2 hours without including the transportation to the boat.

Koral Kids
The Playground at Koral Kids can be excellent idea if you want your kids to be in a safe indoors location while they have fun playing and interacting with others. Once here, you can decide if you want to stay and watch them play, go upstairs to visit Koral Center complex of shops and restaurants, or go somewhere else for a few hours. Koral Kids takes children from ages 0 to 12; children from 0 to 3 years old must be with a nanny. But don’t worry; you can hire one right there!

With this variety of family-tested options we are sure your kids will be very happy, and you will be too because all of these activities are very easy to book www.koralconcierge.com Call us +52 624 1040127 or email us info@koralconcierge.com.